Sao Paulo Women

Not too long ago, I shared with you guys my experience of the dating culture in Rio de Janeiro and boy was it enthralling.  This time, I want to share about…….. my brief adventurous visit to Brazil’s largest city, the great city of Sao Paulo.  As always, I intend to share every bit of my experience in this great city of Brazil including my brief encounter with Sao Paulo women 😉).

Sao Paulo, so large, so beautiful

Sao Paulo, Brazil evening skyline

You take one look at the city of Sao Paulo and the first thing you notice is how extremely humongous the city is. Larger than most of the world’s largest metropolises, the city of Sao Paulo was quite different from all the other Brazilian cities I had been to. From the sheer size of the city, to the sumptuous women all over the place, Sao Paulo might just be one of the retirement locations I would consider after all.

Sao Paulo at last

As a person who visits the beautiful tourist city of Rio de Janeiro, I was in for a shock- a world of differences the moment I stepped into Sao Paulo. The first thing I noticed about Sau Paulo was its sheer size. The city is so large that I knew in my heart that I could never possibly enjoy the offerings of the city all at once. This was really different from Rio where I could comb through the whole of the town in a couple of days.

The best thing about Sao Paulo is that it is not full of tourists like Rio. If you want to experience real Brazil without a lot of the tourist crap added in, then this city is for you.  But if you want to sit on the beach, drink beer and enjoy the sun, then go to Rio, which has museums, restaurants, clubs, shopping and sights in a uniquely spectacular beachside location.

My First Few Days

On my first few days, I took my time to observe the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, and I could tell that it was a much busier place than Rio. Of course it had to be. I had done my own little research about the city long before now. I was told that Sau Paulo was the commercial hub of Brazil, and only few hours into the city, I could see that it was indeed true. The city looked so busy, I began to doubt if I would be able to catch maximum thrills here. And how wrong was I about that…  

Living Expenses, People

Soon I had to link up with my AIRBnB host, and I must confess that the living expenses are really high here in Sao Paulo. It is rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Thankfully, coming from America I didn’t have to worry about that as my dollars had more purchasing power. 

I planned my trip wisely.  And since I’m not familiar with the city, I linked up with a host on AIRBnB at a fairly cheaper price. And so, I took a bus toward the heart of the city where my host stayed.

While here, I was tempted to be a bit more adventurous and ride the subway. In hindsight, I am so thankful I didn’t as the buses are the fastest way to get around the huge metropolis. Taxis are no better. You may scream about comfort, but trust me, when you get to Sau Paulo, the only thing that matters to you is time. 

I met my host

I finally got to my AIRBnB and I met my host. He was quite young, about 24 years. He could speak a little bit of English, thus, I considered myself really lucky. Now it would be easier to ask questions and find my way around town.

The very first thing I asked was if there was a place where I could unwind. And my driver gave me that look which is universal to all men. In summary, I couldn’t have gotten a better host. He took me around the area and showed me a few hangout spots. But before we stepped out, he offered me a rain coat. He advised that I never go anywhere in Sau Paulo without one due to the extremely unpredictable weather (I was soon to learn a lot more about that).

Getting Around the City

As my host took me through the city, I began to spot more and more differences between Sau Paulo and Rio. For instance, In Rio, you could find hangout spots everywhere. In Sao Paulo, the reverse was the case as you had to know where you were going to get to these spots. Thus, the need of a reliable guide.

I soon began to see things which I did not notice before simply because there was no one to show it to me. As we moved (it was dark already), my host showed me places and people to avoid. When I asked, he just said “not too safe”.

Later on, I got to understand better that the city wasn’t necessarily dangerous, if you knew your way around, knew where to go and where to avoid.

We moved on and we came across a couple of spots, however, one seemed to stand out. And this “D edge”, which is one of the numerous baladas in the city( balada simply means night club) teeming with Sao Paolo women.

Sao Paulo Women dancing @ D-Edge Club, Sao Paulo Brazil
D-Edge Dance Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil

From the moment we got there, I fell in love with the music coming from the club. It still rings in my head even now. It just felt so much like something I could vibe to even though I had never heard it before.

An Outdoor Encounter, Such endearing Sao Paulo Women

After showing me some other parts of that part of town, we took a walk past the Ibirapuera Park.  It was a little park where one could unwind during the day, therefore, I made up my mind to visit the very next day. It was in this moment I really noticed the Sao Paulo women. The ladies of Sau Paulo (at least) this part of town were very beautiful and busy. They seemed to always be in a hurry to get somewhere, ensuring that you never had enough time to stare at their beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies. These Sao Paulo women I saw were neither as tall as the legendary Amazons, nor were they Lilliputians.  They were just the perfect height and size for most men.

A little tip about Sao Paulo women

As we returned to the house, my host gave me a little tip about the Sao Paulo women. “This is Sao Paulo” he said, “and every lady is like the sun.  Harsh and almost burning during the day, but nowhere to be found by night.” It took me 4 additional questions and 3 repetitions on his part to fully understand the project.  Apparently, the ladies hit the clubs to unwind. “Wait for night,” he said, and I took his advice to heart like a teddy bear as we moved back to the house.

Ibirapuera Park, Here I Come

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The next day, I went to theIbirapuera Park. I simply walked around, looked at and studied the people and drank fresh coconut milk. As I watched, the weather began to change. At first I thought it was the sun getting lost under the clouds. But in a few minutes I was drenched so badly, I wished I had listened to my host and taken a rain coat.

I finally managed to get under some shade. While under the shade, I noticed that despite the rain, this city was still pushing and busy. I climbed up to a bridge and from there, all I could see were moving umbrellas and rain coats. It reminded me of a work of art that I had seen on my last trip to Brazil.

I was approached

“Beautiful right?” came a voice from beside me.  I looked and right beside me was an Amazon. For a lack of better vocabulary, she had gorgeous looks, a beautiful body and a complimenting height. She had eyes so beautiful I felt light headed when she spoke to me. At that instant, I remembered what my guide had told me about the city. The criminals who operated here in Sau Paulo were mostly ladies. So I didn’t say a word. I just turned around and walked away.

Regrets, and more regrets

All the way home I kept cursing myself for letting this one slip away. When I got to my host, I tried describing her, but to my shock, he finished the descriptions for me.  “You are very lucky” he said. “You could have been robbed. Wait till evening and the right Sao Paulo women you will find in club.”

So I decided to patiently wait based on my guide’s instructions. That night, I went to “D edge”, and as I got in there, there was a beautiful work of art on the walls. The walls had been designed in such an esoteric manner, yet enthralling to the untrained eye. 

Before I could fully assimilate the beauty of the walls, my attention shifted, involuntarily albeit to the ladies who seemed to be everywhere, dancing like crazed birds. 

Sao Paulo women dancing at a club

I sat down and took a beer, waiting for a Sao Paulo lady to jump at me to my gross disappointment. Not one of these ladies walked up to me. I then decided to try my luck with one of the beautiful ladies. I began searching my archives for a good pickup line but it was anything but easy.

Finally my hook catches a fish

So I skimmed through the rows of ladies, all crazy pretty and proceeded to a lady behind the pack of sweating dancers. She danced like she was in need for attention, and here I was, attention my new middle name. And so I danced towards her in a bid to give her the desired attention. I knew I had to be firm and straight forward and tried to say hello in my newly learnt Portuguese tone.

No sooner was I done, than she started moving away from me, still dancing. I wondered if I had said something wrong as I watched her go away. Just when all hope seemed lost, she turned around and danced towards me and whispered in my ears. “You haven’t got all night, go straight to the point”. Two things shocked me, the fluency of her English and her response.  In truth, I was expecting her to speak some portuñol or portunhol (a weird mixture of Portuguese and Spanish) which was more like the dialect here in Sao Paulo. 

A Clue had been given

There was truly no point beating around the bush, therefore, I dove right in. I just had one week to spend in town, and wanted to have all the fun I could, and in as many positions 😉. I added that I wanted a Sao Paulo woman I could have fun with while in town. “How much fun” she asked. I responded by asking her how much fun she could offer. She liked me, and I could see it in her demeanour. She moved closer to me and said dance with me. If you impress me then, maybe something is possible.

Dance Dance Dance!

Dancing with Sao Paulo women I met at the club

I danced like never before, like my very existence depended on it. But she was way better.  At the end of the day, she looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, after which we sat down and talked over a drink. Her name was Isabel. She was a mixed breed- an Italian father and a Spanish mother, born and bred in Sao Paulo. Isabel and I talked for hours, and before we realised just how much time we had spent talking, it was morning already. I finally got her number and promised to call. 

The Follow-up

Throughout the next day, I called her number but she neither took nor returned any of my calls. And as you know, a man tends to lose his ability to reason aright when blood flows from the head above to that below. Well, I was that man now, and boy was I desperate.

In my desperation, I decided to hit the club that evening in search of a less elusive partner this time. But just as I was getting ready to hit the club that evening, I got a message from her which read, “Please call me”. Well I liked her, and so I called her and she went about how the day was so busy that she couldn’t pick her calls, and that she was already at the club waiting for me. Like music to my ears, I responded like a child who had been given a new toy. I filled my pockets with glow-in-the-dark condoms and hopped to meet my guide who had been waiting outside the apartment.   

Not after commitment but after the fun

One thing that really amazed me was Isabella’s silence about commitment and I talked to my host about it. He told me that the Sao Paolo women I meet at the clubs in are really not after commitment but after the fun. But then I thought to myself, “Virtually all the ladies in Sao Paulo are at the clubs at night” he cut my thought saying “Many of them don’t need your money. They just want some fun.” 

While I pondered that thought, we got to the club and there she was, a stunning image of a woman, or was it my cojones doing the thinking now?

Go for what you want with no donkey work.

I highlighted from the vehicle and pecked her on the forehead. I looked at her face. She was smiling but it read disappointment. “This is Sao Paulo. Be bold with what you want” she said.

We danced and danced like crazed donkeys until we ended up donkeying each other at my place. I must confess, in all my years, I’m yet to experience an ability to please like that of a Sao Paulo woman. There I lay with my glow in dark condoms wailing in excitement like a little wet child.

I leave the rest of what happened to your imagination.  But you should understand already. These ladies in Sao Paulo are everything you see in Rio and more. They are in for the fun and nothing more. Don’t try impressing them with money, but pay the bills when you go on dates especially if you really like the company and the possibility that it might lead to something more excitement.   Be bold and assertive, but polite.  Go for the kill as fast as you can. She would be waiting for it.

My short and sweet brief encounter with Sao Paulo women

That was my short and sweet stay in Sao Paulo and my brief encounter with Sao Paulo women.  Sao Paulo takes time to grow on you.  So, plan at least a couple of days if you plan to visit this great city because  a day isnt enough to develop the love! So, get out there, be adventurous and explore the city and the women especially. 

When it comes to women, it’s a two way street. You may hit the right one or the wrong one.  If you happen to meet someone that you like, be open minded, have fun, and just ride along.  Who knows it might turn out that she’d take you on a wild ride, and make it worth your time.  Nonetheless, take extra precautions while in Sao Paulo, but above all have fun and ride along.  It might turn out to be one hell of an ecstatic trip for you.