Rio de Janeiro Woman

Rio de Janeiro Women

Whenever I have met Rio de Janeiro women, I have been floored by their gorgeous looks, passionate temperament, and how direct they are. Based on my experiences with these amazing women, here is what I learned about Rio de Janeiro women, including where and how I met them.

What Rio De Janeiro Women Are Like

I love the women you can find in Rio. As I mentioned in one of  my previous articles, most of my earlier travels to Brazil were mostly in Rio.  Therefore, I could say I had ample experience meeting and dating Rio De Janeiro women.  From my experience, they are unlike any you will find anywhere else in the world. When you think of Brazilian women, and more specifically those from Rio, what do you think? If you are like me, you conjure of exciting visions of curvy and passionate women who swoon over foreign men.

While a lot of these things are true, there are some misconceptions as well. Here is a breakdown of what Rio de Janeiro women are really like.

They Are Brutally Honest

I was surprised at how open and honest women in Rio are. In one of my first experiences taking to a woman from Rio, I was taken aback when she said, “I know you like me, why haven’t you kissed me already?” Gentlemen, if you don’t mind frankness, you will find Rio de Janeiro women a welcoming breath of fresh air compared to women elsewhere. When it comes to topics like sex, which are usually something women in places like the US are more coy about, they talk about it very frankly. You could just as well be talking to a women in Rio about her favorite sexual position just as if you were talking about what her favorite music is.

This radical openness and honesty also leads them to tell you exactly how they feel about you. There is no beating around the bush with Rio women. If a woman doesn’t feel you are compatible with her, she will tell you. I actually find this refreshing, since it saves a lot of time wasted on misunderstanding what a woman wants. It also helps me avoid wasting time on something that is going nowhere.

Rio de Janeiro Women Are Voluptuous and Feminine

I’m sure you have heard it time and time again how curvy Rio de Janeiro women are in all the right places. I have definitely seen this with my own eyes. They must have some incredible genes, because everywhere I looked I saw voluptuous women strutting around like golden goddesses. With that being said, not all of them have the most flattering faces.

Rio de Janeiro Women are voluptuous and feminine.

Most of Rio is poverty-stricken, meaning they do not have access to healthy food, have a gym membership, or money for beauty products. However, most of the woman I meet are in trendy spots where you get the middle class women coming to party and find a man. Women in Rio are sexy and they know it. I love how they own it and are unashamed of it.

Rio de Janeiro Women Are Not Easy

I find there there is this myth about Brazilian women being easy. My experience is that this is far from the truth. Those stories you hear about them jumping the bones of any decent-looking guy who smiles at them and buys them a drink usually involved a prostitute. If you want an authentic experience with a Rio de Janeiro woman, you have to show her you are a quality guy.

When it comes to areas of Brazil like Rio, women are more traditional and conservative. Going out to a club and taking a Rio woman home with you for a one-night stand is difficult to do unless you paid her in some way. Rio women want to get to know you and have you prove you are worth getting more involved and intimate with them.

I would suggest spending around two weeks seeing a women from Rio before you try to get her into bed. Give her the Boyfriend Experience and really enjoy spending time with her. I find I can always have an amazing and enjoyable time hanging out with Rio de Janeiro women. They are a lot of fun in many ways, and while you will eventually seduce her into bed, it is a far cry from the only fun you can have with them.

Where to Meet Rio de Janeiro Women

I have found that if you are a single guy with money in your pocket and are looking for Rio de Janeiro women, here is what you need to know. You will find an assortment of Brazilian women in Rio, thanks to its multicultural roots. Regardless of what flavor of Brazilian women you prefer, you will find them at these spots around this salacious city.

Starting around 9 PM and up to 2 AM, if you go to the Copacabana area of Rio, you can head over to Mab’s Restaurant & Bar. Just head over to the bar, take a seat, and start talking with any of the beautiful women sitting there.

About a block away from Mab’s is a club called Dolce Vita Disco that stays lively until around 7 AM. However, from my experience, if you stay out that late without meeting a woman, chances are the women that are still there are not the kind you want to leave with. I was amazed at how many beautiful Rio de Janeiro women there are at this club. One piece of advice I will give you about this place is that you have to be fast, because the competition can be high.

I have found that Friday and Saturday night are the best time to go out and meet the stunning and vivacious women of Rio. Lapa is a trendy place with plenty of beautiful women you can meet. However, as with many clubs in Rio, if you don’t know Portuguese, you can find yourself striking out. This is why it’s a good idea to brush up on some Portuguese so you can increase your odds of winning over a beautiful Brazilian woman.

What about Copacabana?

The entire Copacabana area has several bars and clubs that you can go to and land yourself a gorgeous Brazilian woman. If you strike out at one place, simple go down the street to the next place. There are plenty of women out at these places at night looking for a great guy, so don’t get discouraged if you are struggling in the beginning.

One of the best places to meet Rio de Janeiro women is Ipanema Beach. I found that there is usually a party vibe at this beach, with many gorgeous young women enjoying the sun. The benefit of meeting a woman on the beach is that they are less likely to have their guards up because, unlike a club, they are usually not getting hit on without end while there. Just make sure you know some Portuguese before you walk up to one of the many beautiful vixens Rio has to offer.

I sometimes had difficulty with the women on Ipanema Beach, which is when I made my way over to Copacabana Beach. Sometimes, the upper class women I found on Ipanema just didn’t care for me that much. That is why Copacabana beach became my dating playground. This is the other beach in Rio de Janeiro that is a goldmine for meeting women. There are plenty of middle class and working class women who loved the opportunity to meet a Western man like myself.

How to Meet Rio de Janeiro Women

Since Rio de Janeiro women are open and honest, they expect a man to be the same way.  My recipe for success with meeting and dating women from here is to be very forward and direct. They like the traditional image of a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it.

I have had great success with a refined method based on how Rio women are, which goes something like this:

You meet a Rio woman, be it on the beach, at a bar, or in a club. You then take down her contact info such as a number to call or text her on. After that, you set up a date with her somewhere with a relaxed evening atmosphere where you both can get drinks and get to know her better. At some point during your date, you will go in for a kiss and seal your fate, for better or for worse.

Brazilian Dating Culture

I find the Brazilian dating culture fascinating because you can kiss a woman really soon after meeting her and have it be completely normal. In fact, if you notice she’s laughing at your jokes and enjoying your company, if you don’t go in for a kiss within 10 minutes or so, they will think you aren’t into them! If you are feeling there’s rapport between the two of you, go in for that kiss and don’t wait until the night is over. You should remember that a kiss does not automatically mean you will get into bed with a Rio woman. I noticed that the way we give out hugs in America is akin to what Brazilians do with kisses.

In my experience, planning to go to the beach with a Rio women is a great second date. Enjoy her company and keep up the physical contact to show rapport and connection. However, avoid being too aggressive and imposing.

So, relax and go slow….

Within a week or two since you first met your favored Rio woman, you can offer to meet up for drinks near where you are staying, or simply invite her up to your place. This will be your moment to turn up the heat and go the distance. You can take an accelerated path with working class women, but for those charismatic and gorgeous Rio de Janeiro women, you will have better luck taking things slower.

While I had a few strikeouts when I first started meeting Rio de Janeiro women, I figured out what they like and how fast they feel comfortable taking things to the bedroom. This gave me the confidence to share what I learned with you.


Now that you have this extra knowledge and inside scoop about Rio de Janeiro women, where to meet them, and how to win them over, you should have an easier time getting a date. I love the temperament, passion, honesty, and beauty of Brazilian women and think it is well worth learning about the best way to date them. You may find it as rewarding of an experience as I do.