Brazilian Women – Meeting & Dating Tips

A couple of weeks ago, my friend returned from Brazil and narrated his sorry tale about what went down between him and the beautiful Brazilian women there. I couldn’t help but laugh at him especially considering how much of an alpha male he is and how he prides himself in being able to sweep American ladies off their feet. Alpha male had no idea that Brazilian women were alpha too. 

A Short Tutorial on How to Win a Brazilian Woman

After having a good laugh, I gave him a short tutorial on how to win a Brazilian Woman. It wasn’t like the usual “how to win a woman’s heart” articles you’ll find online because in his case, he didn’t just want one to keep him company while he was there. He always talks about how he’d have a suntanned Latina with a banging body who’d walk down the aisle to meet him and the cute babies they’d have because they’d have their mother’s “sexy” genes. That was the reason he never had a long term relationship with any American lady. They just weren’t his spec. 

Having stayed in Brazil for weeks, I’m pretty familiar with how to win Brazilian women. One almost made me not return to the States after we dated for a couple of weeks. I reasoned that there may be hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who, like my friend, are trying to get a Brazilian woman so I decided to help out with some advise

So let’s get down to business. Here’s what you should know if you want to date Brazilian women:

Brazilian women are not American women. Yes, women are women but these Latinas are quite different. They are bold and straightforward with their feelings. I remember being at a club in Sao Paulo one night and while I helped myself to some wine – those guys are really good at brewing – one of the ladies in the club walked up to me. She wasn’t a stripper or anything like that. She was just there to have fun like the rest of us. She asked if I wanted to dance and being a nice guy, I obliged. Soon after we started whirling, she told me, “you’re a handsome guy. I like you.” I was speechless for a moment because it was quite strange for women to make the first move. Noticing my reaction, she placed her hand at the back of my head and said: “I mean it.” She didn’t look bothered about me rejecting her advances or not. She was just shooting her shot and trust me, it worked. 

If a Brazilian woman likes you, she’d tell you straight up.

And if you like her, you gotta man up and tell her right away. If you’re waiting to have maybe one or two more dates and know her some more before telling her what’s on your mind, you may never get that opportunity. 

At least know how to tell her you love her in her own dialect.

Brazilian women want to at least hear from you that t you love her in her own dialect

You’ve gotta be able to talk to her in her language. Brazilians speak Portuguese and only very few speak English so how are you going to even enter the contest talk more about winning if she doesn’t understand you? Even if you’re aiming for only the few that speak English, know how to tell her you love her in her own dialect. Besides, the non-English speaking ones are the most romantic. I know that for sure.

P. S. I knew how to speak Spanish before going there so it wasn’t difficult for me to learn Portuguese when I got there. 

Only the persistent men win.

 Most of the Brazilian men are really good looking, in fact, way good looking than most of the foreigners there so if you snooze, you lose. Telling her you love her doesn’t mean she’s yours. Even dating her doesn’t still mean that you’ve won her. You have to reinforce your love every single day. Buying her flowers one day doesn’t make up for the whole month. Actually, their love language is quality time. Just give her your time and trust me, she’d fight for you, literally. Long-distance relationships rarely work here. 

You remember the woman I talked about that almost made stay longer in Brazil? That is one thing you’d have to do if you want to keep a Brazilian woman. Brazilians are usually very attached to their family so leaving their country is a no-no not even for a man. They are not as wealthy as most Americans but using money or a visa abroad to tempt them won’t work except, of course, the woman actually needs a visa to the U.S but as soon as you guys get back, she’ll dump you for what she came for. Simple. 

Brazilian women are not easily submissive.

They won’t cower just to feed your ego or fit into your requirements. I have always had a penchant for tall ladies who are educated and that’s what I went for every time. A Brazilian woman would not start going to school because you like educated women or stop going to church because you don’t like religious people. Know exactly what you want and go for it otherwise, you’d be the one getting hurt. Trust me, you can hardly break their hearts. Hardly.

One very important tip is DRESS WELL.

Dress well! Suits & tie don't move typical Brazilian women

 Suits and tie don’t move those women. I discovered that they have so many relaxation areas and that’s who they are. Very relaxed people. They don’t stress about life and work and school. They do what they can and have as much fun as they can. If you appear in corporate wears every time you go out on a date with her, she’d most likely never introduce you to her friends. Latinos know gringos just by a glance so you don’t have to yell that you’re one with the way you dress. 

My friend would be going back to Brazil in about a month from now and I’m sure that this time, he wouldn’t return so fast because he’d have a Brazilian woman on his arm day and night. I stayed mainly in Sao Paulo so I know that you can get any kind of woman you want there. You’d also varieties in Rio de Janeiro which is another big city in Brazil. But if you’re specific about descents, then try particular regions. You’d find more women who are from European descent in Southern Brazil and those with African descents, in Northeast Brazil. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are in the Southeast.