Brazilian Women vs American Women?

I’ve been asked a couple of times if Brazilian women are any different from Northern American women because of how much I talk about them. My reply is always “very” before going ahead to list the different things that make Brazilian women stand out.

In this article, I would tell you guys those differences from my own perspective. It is never proper to place stereotypes on people so everything you read here may not apply to every single Brazilian woman and not every white woman is the opposite of it. So basically, this is just a compilation of my observations from the Brazilians I have met as well as other people’s observations too.

How areBrazilian women different from Northern American women?

What makes an Alice Braga different from an Emilia Clarke or Ellen Page?

Brazilian women have a lower sense of entitlement (or maybe even none) than most white women. You see this pride and high expectations that most white ladies have when they feel they’re beautiful? Brazilian women don’t have that. Most of them are really beautiful and to be honest, they take care of their bodies way more than most white women but they don’t expect men to start falling at their feet and providing for their every need because of that. Most Brazilians – male and female – start working at a young age so they take pride in using their own money to take care of themselves. If you’ve been to Brazil, you would notice that most of the ladies there have one skill or the other and they do their jobs with pride, no matter how petty it is.

I think that Brazilian women are more mature than most white women. You know, maturity comes with experience, not just age and these women have so much experience. This is possibly due to the fact that they start working at a really early age than most white kids do. Additionally, the official age for drinking in Brazil is 18 as against 21 which is obtainable in the U.S and many other countries but you would hardly find a Brazilian woman drunk and knocked out in a bar like you would in the States or Canada. Yes, they love parties a lot but they don’t go over the roof partying. All the times I went to clubs while in Brazil, I never saw two Brazilian women fight over anything like you would see drunk white women do. I’m not dissing white women but it is what it is.

Regardless of the fact that Brazilian women are very mature, they don’t leave their parents’ houses early on. Brazilians are “unusually” attached to their families. Unusual because almost every child is attached to the parents but Brazilians take it a little bit further. By the time many Americans get to college, they move out of their parents’ houses while some do so after college but a Brazilian woman can remain in her parent’s house until she gets married. They earn their own money but they see no need going to rent a house elsewhere when they have parents to take care of and a comfortable house to stay while at it.

Brazilian women usually don’t look forward to having a divorce. Maybe white women don’t look forward to divorces in the beginning too but a Brazilian woman is most likely to stay with her husband even under hard conditions than most white women. It may be because there’s no law that entitles a woman to walk away with half of her husband’s earnings when they separate like it is in the U.S. If a Brazilian woman files for divorce, then you can be pretty sure that it is for a very good reason and she must have endured a lot.

You won’t see as many obese Brazilian women as you would see common among whites. Like I said, they are extremely cautious about the way they look and along with that, they don’t eat as much junk food as whites do. Brazilians love to cook so they cook most of their meals and hardly eat out. This is another factor that distinguishes them from a typical white woman. A white woman’s excuse for not cooking may be that she just doesn’t like cooking or that she is working. Brazilian women, as I stated before, work too. But they always make out time to prepare at least, one meal before setting out to work. This could be another reason why there’s a lower rate of divorce with them. They do well to regularly cook for their husbands and children and which man doesn’t like good food? Definitely not me. Lol.

Brazilian women are generally less conservative than most white women. If you check the internet about Brazilian women, most articles would describe them as aggressive and this is because they don’t sit and expect things to come to them. They go for everything they want even if it is a man. A Brazilian woman can be the one to hit on a man first not because she’s a slut but because she likes him. They don’t hide their feelings so any man that wants to have them should also be able to step up to their level. It is easier to get a Brazilian woman than a white woman but it is harder to keep her. You would have to understand her a lot and make a lot of sacrifices as time goes by. This takes us to the next point.

Brazilian women are not as materialistic as whites. Everyone has something they’re obsessed with but for white women, it is different. Many of them expect you to give them the world or half of it just because you’re in a relationship with them but Brazilians don’t do that. If they desire a thing, they get it with their own money and if they ask you to get it for them, then you should because it’s not something they’d do again anytime soon. In one of my articles, I explained that for most of them, their love language is quality time, not money.

This article would not be complete without mentioning the fact that Brazilian women are typically nice. A Brazilian woman doesn’t have to know you before saying “hi” and hugging you and maybe even helping with your bag. They are more receptive to strangers than most white women and people generally. If you ever visit Brazil, don’t keep your questions to yourself for fear that you would be snubbed. Who knows? You may just get yourself a friend by asking “which route do I take?”

As I said before stating the differences, these factors don’t apply to every Brazilian woman or every white woman. It is never fair and not so smart to stereotype and make faulty and hasty generalization about anyone. That’s why I used the word “most” in several points I made. It is just that the majority usually makes up for the rest so these are the differences based on what you see amongst most white women and most Brazilian women.

You can take everything I’ve said with  a grain of salt, but don’think this is just hogwash.  See it for yourself.  Take a one week trip to Brazil.  You may end up staying a month there because you’d have fallen in love with a Brazilian girl. Haha