Dating a Brazilian Woman Tips

I’ve been talking to a Carioca friend from Rio de Janeiro who has been living in the United States for the past 10 years, and she has some great insights about dating Brazilian women. Here are a few pieces of her advice for anyone dating a Brazilian woman for the first time:

Make sure she’s the real deal!

First, you need to make sure you are going out with a genuine lady. Unfortunately, tourist places in Brazil are a hotspot for women looking to sell their…attention…to unwitting tourists. It’s hard to tell, because they act like normal, friendly women. They usually hang out in groups with friends and seem really happy to come talk to you. But you’ll start to notice things here and there that tell you they’re not being entirely genuine. 

Talk to people at your hotel — front desk clerks, other employees, or some friendly people you happen to meet at the hotel bar — and ask them where you can go to find real local Brazilian ladies. 

Real Brazilian women won’t approach men. They expect to be treated like ladies, and prefer a gentleman to come talk to them first. They are often quite conservative at first, so take things slow and make a lot of eye contact (eyes up, guys!)

If you want an easy start, check out the night scene. Brazilian women are very outgoing and always up for an adventure. Many frequent clubs to dance the night away, so make sure you look your best, then hit the clubs! Don’t hesitate to go after what you want once you’re there and have fun with your approach.

Going out in Rio to meet a Brazilian woman

Ask her out!

Once you find a lady that seems interested, invite her to dinner so you can get to know each other a bit better in a comfortable setting. When dating a Brazilian woman, make sure that you are well dressed. Brazilian women like dressing up when they go out for dinner. If you’re not the type of guy who likes to dress up, just make sure you are presentable, tidy, and clean.

Clean yourself up

Brazilian women like men who look like they take good care of themselves, so make sure you’re showered, cut and clean, and that you smell good before you head out the door. Don’t hesitate to wear a nice cologne. You won’t regret it!

Typical Brazilian woman likes men who take care of themselves

Also, clean up your nails. Brazilian women like guys with nicely trimmed, clean nails. You don’t need to go to a salon, but if you do, that would be even better. Getting your nails done used to be just for women and gay men, but now you’ll find even the most macho of Brazilian men do it from time to time.  

Now that you’re dating a Brazilian woman, so, uh…what should we talk about?

Once you are out on a date, what’s a safe topic to break the ice? Brazilian women are open-minded and easy going, especially if they can speak English well. Those who don’t would probably love to learn a bit from you and might ask you a lot of questions. They’ll listen attentively to everything you want to say. There’s an advantage, being a person from a different country: it’s exotic. So, you can pretty much talk about anything until you land on a topic that she seems to be really interested in. You’ll be just fine, because they will help you to carry on the conversation.

When dating a Brazilian woman, don’t worry if you don’t speak Portuguese. For a lot of Brazilian women, an English-speaking man sounds sexy. But you’ll impress them even more if you at least try to pick up a few words. For instance, “Obrigado” means “thank you”, and “Você é linda” means “you are beautiful”. They love to receive compliments, especially in Portuguese. So, learning a few of these basic phrases can go a long way. 

What about physical contact when dating a Brazilian woman for the first time?

Should you touch a Brazilian girl on the first date? That’s a pretty easy one. Like anybody else, it depends on the individual, and how comfortable she is with you. But, usually, they don’t like to be touched much on the first date, unless it’s a very soft touch on the hands, or lightly passing your fingers through her hair.

Physical contact rules when meeting a Brazilian woman for the first time

Brazilian women like romantic guys. But, again, use your discretion and only make contact if you really feel she is comfortable. Sometimes, even if they like you, they like to play hard to get on the first date.  So don’t touch unless you get a strong feeling that she wants to go out on a second date. If she seems receptive, maybe even a bit touchy-feely with you, try for a light kiss.

Cover the bill, guys!

Pay for all the food and drink. Who doesn’t like a gentleman? Brazilian women are all about romance and being treated well. So, if you treat a lady well on the first date, it will go a long way to winning her heart. Put your focus on converting that date into something more long-term if you are truly interested in her.

Look confident, even if you’re not

Brazilian women like masculine men who can handle their energy. Dating a Brazilian woman is an exciting and tantalizing experience. Besides being hot and fun, they are very comfortable with sex and their sexuality. Be self-assured, confident, and assertive. But when it comes to sex, you should go with the flow. Respect is huge in Brazil and women have depth. Chances are, if you two hit it off, you may have sex after a few dates or even on the first date. 

When dating a Brazilian woman, you have to be wholesome

Lastly, despite Brazilian women being hot and fun, again, they have depth. You need to be on the same page in terms of values in order to keep her. The ideal partner is one who cherishes family and knows how to wind down and appreciate life, as well as someone who is chivalrous. Religion is also huge. You don’t have to share her Catholic views, but you must respect her religion. Your confidence, kindness, and understanding are the key to winning her heart.

There you have it. Eight tips for dating a Brazilian woman, from a born and bred Carioca. It goes without saying that every person is different, so your mileage may vary. But these are a great starting point. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there!