Beautiful Brazilian Women

Brazil is an enormous country, with a plethora of beautiful tourist attraction sites and a million beaches. But only a select few know about the unrivalled beauty of the Brazilian women. Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs, I’m sure you all know by now that I’m one of the few 😉

As a heterosexual man who is visiting Brazil, ensure to keep your gaze controlled lest you turn in circles in admiration of such beautiful works of art in these beautiful Brazilian women.

Places I have visited where I think the most beautiful Brazilian women are

Throughout my sojourn around the country, I have encountered countless beauties especially in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba.  By beauty, I do not simply refer to the outer aesthetic features of these women, but their intellect, and other beauties 😉

While in Brazil, I visited quite a number of locations in a bid to better acclimatise with the traditional Brazilian man, and how sexual interactions blossomed. In my opinion, the five under listed cities rank as the top locations of the most beautiful women in all of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro–

Rio de Janeiro is a big seaside city in Brazil, arguably one of the most popular cities of Brazil. It is known for its numerous beaches, night bars, carnival festivals, parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba dancers. I mean, with a list like that, it’s little wonder flocks of extremely beautiful women are present here. Think about it, where else are you going to meet a lot of beautiful Brazilian women if not at the beaches or carnival festivals?

Rio de Janeiro - the women of Rio de Janeiro are a true representation of beauty

The women of Rio de Janeiro are a true representation of the word gorgeous; I remember my jaw dropping when I first sighted these amazing ladies at the beach. I literally spent the entire day walking up and down the beach in sheer awe at how there could have been so many beautiful ladies in one place.

In my opinion, I believe that their facial features, as well as their bodies ensure that they meet a 9/10 minimum score on most lists. In all honesty, you should see for yourself. Did I mention that they are friendly and easily approachable?

I met my first Brazilian lover in Rio at the Copacabana beach. She gave me a “tour” of Rio. Good times I tell you, good times.  

Just one caveat!

A caveat, however, is that while these women are easily approachable, they are far from easy. ( In fact, I have written an article on this.) To further understand this, perhaps read my article on my “Rio de Janeiro experience”.

It is quite the struggle to get over the first step with most of these ladies as they are not interested in games, jerks, or posers for that matter. And yes, they can sniff these traits from a mile away. Hence, if you are a cheap ass guy who doesn’t believe in spending on women, then you may want to sit this one out.

Asides the numerous beaches and carnivals, a number of other places abound you can meet beautiful Brazilian women in Rio. Here is a comprehensive list of sambas and single bars where you can meet beautiful ladies:

  • Fasano in Ipanema.
  • Mud Bug in Copacabana.
  • Cervantes in Copacabana.
  • Bip Bip in Copacabana.
  • Bar Astor in Ipanema.
  • Bar Pavao Azul in Copacabana.

Sao Paulo–

Sao Paulo is totally different from Rio de Janeiro. While Rio is more laid-back, and generally perceived as the location to have maximum fun, Sao Paulo is the financial centre of Brazil, so you won’t find much tourist attractions in the city. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find beautiful Brazilian women in Sao Paulo. If anything, you will meet a lot of women in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paolo - Brazilian women in Sao Paolo are of mixed races

Most of the Brazilian women in Sao Paulo are of mixed races. Most of them are descendants of Italians, Portuguese, and Japanese. However, they all identify as Brazilians regardless of their mixed races. On my article on the beautiful ladies of Sa Paulo, Isabel was a mixed Italian-Brazilian (link here).

The ladies in Sao Paulo in my experience are as beautiful as they are busy. Seeing that they live in a work-themed environment, they have a belief that they need to catch up with work every other time.

Approaching them during the day will be a very bad idea, a terrible one, if my experience counts. It is always a safer bet you approach them at night in more relaxed locations such as bars, or clubs where they come to unwind.

Beautiful Brazilian women here who just want to have fun

On my visit to Sao Paulo, I met a beautiful brunette all dressed up at a night bar, she was wearing a suit and looking all business like. I approached her and tried to start small talk in a bid to relax the blood now gushing relentlessly through my cojones. During the course of our chitchat, it turned out that she had only come to the bar to unwind after a day of stressful work.

As businesslike as they may seem, the women here are fun to be with, extremely smart, and easy to talk to (you just need to work on your approach). Oh and seeing that most of them are working-class ladies, you should be smart and have enough money to at least buy them drinks. Also, like my guide told me during my trip to last trip to Sao Paulo, “Many of them don’t need your money. They just want some fun.” (link to this article here) You have to pay for your drinks and hers regardless. 

Here are some single bars and nightclubs in Sao Paulo where you can meet beautiful Brazilian women:

  • Mahau at Rua Professor Atílio Innocenti.
  • D-Edge at Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade.
  • Cafe Piu Piu at R. Treze de Maio.
  • Canto de Ema
  • Zero Club at R. Santo Antônio.
  • Bar Mangueira at R. Cláudio Soares.
  • Love Story at R. Araújo.
  • BrewDog at Rua Coropés.
  • Quitandinha at R. Fidalga.
  • Carioca Club at Rua Cardeal Arcoverde.

Florianopolis –

Florianopolis - the city that has the most beautiful Brazilian women

Florianopolis is popular for its beaches and resorts, and there is no doubt you would meet a number of beautiful Brazilian women who love to sun bath and relax in these places. Picture women in tiny bikinis covering little to nothing, looking like models in a swim suit commercial. Yes, that is what they look like.

Perhaps the city that has the most beautiful Brazilian women

Florianopolis is rumoured to be the home of some of the best-looking people in the world. Now you can at least understand my awe when I visited this little beach city during my tour. The issues I encountered are, most of these women live with their parents as is typical in such small cities, plus they tend to have a higher social standing, which implies that they are not readily open to affairs, especially with foreigners. But then they are hot!!!!!!

If your sole aim of visiting Brazil is to get laid, you may want to try some other city with more realistic prospects. But again, just considering how beautiful the ladies of this city are, it may be worth the shot.

Oh, and yea, the men are just as picturesque. The first impression you get when you visit the beach is ‘Is a gym membership mandatory here?’ A very large percentage of the people here are gorgeous by my standards. To stand a chance, you need to surpass these ripped gentlemen somehow, how you intend to do that is honestly beyond me.

The women in Florianopolis are not only beautiful

They are friendly, nice and very approachable. There are other places asides the beaches where you can meet beautiful Brazilian women in Florianopolis.

There’s a Cosmopolita club in Centro if you are willing to mingle with the local rich girls. This was my spot, and yes, I got lucky on one of the evenings, and I’ll admit it. I still dream about that night, her perfume, swirling hair, strong knees, and her sheer speed. She singlehandedly added the theme, ‘rich girl, daddy issues, freaky as they come’, to my seek list.

Bottom line, if you are lucky to strike one, you’d realise you never truly understood the meaning of the word ‘lucky’

You can meet them in shopping malls during the day (not that I would advise this, but here you go). Here is a list of shopping malls in Florianopolis:

  • Centro commercial ARS.
  • Jurerê open shopping mall.
  • Floripa shopping mall.
  • Beiramar shopping mall.

Belo Horizonte–

Belo Horizonte is a different city. It is different from most other cities of Brazil. It has no beach or resorts, however, this doesn’t necessarily translate to a shortage of beautiful Brazilian women. The city more than makes up for the absence of beaches with clubs and bars where I found some really hot Brazilian women. Again, they were quite difficult to screw.

Belo Horizonte - there are many types of Brazilian women here, exotic, educated, and regular next door type

There are different types of women in Belo Horizonte. I came across exotic ladies, educated ladies and regular girl next door type, ladies. The clubs and bars are full with beautiful girls, however, they might not be immediately accessible to you if your patience is thin.

This may be attributed to the weirdly conservative nature of these ladies, even though they tend to be quite liberal-minded with regard to sex. I learnt this when I visited a club in the Savassi neighbourhood. With patience and my fluency in Portuguese, more women started opening up to me. Of course, I took my opportunity and all I can say is that the Belle Horizonte soundtrack is the true definition of a functional feedback mechanism. Moans and shrill cries may bring forth your juices way before you know it. Hence, if you are one who cannot control your separation of juices, get loud Jabra headphones, lest you end up embarrassed after a minute of riding and cursing.


Curitiba is one of the largest cities in Brazil but it is off the tourist radar. It is not as visited as Rio, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis or Belo Horizonte for that matter.

Curitiba - here you'll find beautiful Brazilian women with European looks

You know how most Brazilian women in Sao Paolo are mostly Italian-looking? It is almost the same for the Curitiba women, as they tend to appear more German. This, however, doesn’t make them look less sexy.

When I travelled to Curitiba, it felt different from every other city I’ve visited in Brazil. It has a European feel to it.

There are a lot of sexy, gorgeous women in Curitiba, unfortunately, the city in itself is quite conservative and introverted, so if you are waiting for a Curitiba lady to walk up to you and act all friendly, you might be in for quite the wait.

I also observed that due to a fear of being slut shamed, the ladies of this city make a concerted effort to appear as sexually conservative as possible. Thankfully, alcohol as always loosens them up. The thing with Curitiba is that you have to be patient, and play discreet. If you get a girl on your good side, you are going to have her for a long time…. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any action during my stay here.

All in all, the people are warm at night and cold at day. The men are friendlier, and it helped that one of my friends here spoke English.

There are three very good upmarket nightlife areas that are worth visiting: Vicente Machado, Shopping Hauer and Batel.

Now that I have given you an insight on places where you can meet up beautiful Brazilian women,

So, next time you find yourself having a curiosity or an itch to explore Brazil and see and even meet these beautiful Brazilian women, I would recommend to start with Rio first then any of the other places I’ve just shared.  I would always go back to Rio and definitely go back to, at least, Florianopolis or Belo Horizonte. 

Having a Brazilian woman pound on you is truly a feeling of fulfilment, and I do not mean that in any small terms. If I were asked to advice, I’d say “Do not get married until you have a samba encounter with one of these Brazilian vixens.

For me, I love challenges above all, hence, I preferred my stay at the town of Bella Horizonte. The sheer confidence of these ladies and the hustling spirit in the city ranks….Did I mention that their soundtracks are magnificent?

In truth, it can be quite difficult to approach a lady and follow through.  But if you are lucky, you may just end up with a pretty, smart, and charming Bella that would make your stay a rewarding and a memorable one.   Or, perhaps, meet someone worthwhile, a beautiful Brazilian woman, whom you could connect with and even possibly develop something long-term that would make you keep coming back for now.