A Taste of Brazilian Dating Culture

On my earlier travels to Brazil – Rio de Janeiro to be precise, I had heard a lot about dating Brazilian girls and all the thrills which it brought forth. So in typical fashion, I had to make it count. I decided to give it a try and learn a little about Brazilian dating culture. No sooner had I arrived had I clicked on the Tinder dating app which I heard was one of the biggest dating apps used in Brazil. I logged in and I was shocked to discover the sheer number of Brazilians who used the app.

One way to get exposure to the Brazilian dating culture is to use Tinder dating app - one of the biggest apps used in Brazil

I entered my specifications (which could differ from yours) and initiated a search. Soon enough I got results of Brazilian girls who were interested in meeting up and having a drink or two. I went through the list, girl after girl, stunning beauties, such that it was very difficult to make a selection. I was thinking I would just try my luck with each of the ladies (I mean who knows what could come out of my little adventure). Then I looked closer at one of the profiles, the lady stated very clearly she was interested in foreigners. For me that was a sign. I decided to throw all my eggs in this basket, hoping for a good return. I just prayed she swiped right just like I did.

Click, Click, Tinder Works

Later that night, I got a notification from the Tinder app. It was from this same beautiful young lady. Here name was Adriana, we got talking and luckily for me, she was fluent in English. There was no need to start learning Portuguese I whispered to myself. We talked way into the night. I got to know a lot about her, her name, what she did, what she liked in a guy, and all the other likes there are.

I used Tinder app to get a taste of the Brazilian dating culture while in Rio

We kept on like this for a space of three days. On the third day I woke up to a message from her and it read, “ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ME ON A DATE OR NOT??? I was shocked at her outspokenness. She was going straight for the ultimate price without hesitation. I thought I had gotten myself a flirt. How wrong I was.

Well I wrote back an answer. I said “I was going to ask today”. So I went on to officially ask her on a date.

We set out the time and place for meeting, and I started preparing for the date, shaved, picked the right clothing, and even bought a new fragrance to blend into the Brazilian dating culture.

Dress to kill or dress to impress?

To impress her, I was there, thirty minutes before time, in my best outfit. As I got in there, all eyes were on me. I really couldn’t understand what was wrong. I felt very uncomfortable but I tried to compose myself as best as I could. Then I went over to the bar and ordered a drink, after which I tipped the bar tender.

Then I asked why everyone was looking at me. He couldn’t really communicate in English, but I could make out some of the words he said. He asked if I was here for a date and I said yes. Then he smiled and said, “Dressing too much”. It was then I noticed that I was quite overdressed in comparison to the locales there.

Just while I was contemplating leaving to change, wonder woman walks in. She looked more beautiful than the pictures foretold. She was wearing a simple dress and nothing too elaborate yet, she looked really gorgeous.

A beautiful Brazilian woman suddenly walked in

She waved at me, so I walked up to her and extended my hands for a casual handshake but instead of a hand shake I got a very warm hug. At that moment, I just loved Brazil, its dating culture, and everything about it. So this was what they always talked about. I had just met her a couple of days back on Tinder. And here she was, so friendly. And did I tell you she was gorgeous too?

Never Forget Your Wallet

in the Brazilian dating culture, men ideally and preferably cover the bills.

I assure you, the Brazilians really know how to live the life. Soon we sat together and got talking. She did very little talking and really listened to me with an intense gaze for the most part of the evening. We had a nice time and ate some good Brazilian meals.

When it was time to pay for the meal, she feigned a certain type of ignorance which I couldn’t really understand, sipping her drink and still holding the conversation. It was almost as though the norm was a guy getting the bills. I was a little shocked at how sure she was that I would get the bills. Later, we took a little stroll down the road and soon it was time to go and I got yet another very warm hug. As her taxi drove off, I stood there wondering about what had just happened.

By the time I got home, she had sent a message telling me how much she enjoyed MY COMPANY and THE TIME WE SPENT TOGETHER.  So for her it wasn’t about what I could bring to the table but about me- my person and all. Every little discovery just made me want to stay back and learn more about the Brazilian dating culture.

The Second Date

About two days later, I called her up and asked to have another date and she was more than willing to oblige. This time I dressed moderately – no designers shoes, just a simple pair of Jeans and a casual button down shirt.

When she walked through the door this time, we had an even warmer hug. I assure you, there is something about the Brazilians and hugs. During the course of this date, she was much more open and vocal, as she laughed and played more.

I Finally Get To Dance

After the date, I suggested we tour a nearby little town called Del Castilho, to which she obliged. After about an hour of touring our little town, we walked passed a two-level dance club/bar called Rio Scenarium.  She asked that we go inside. I went inside with such speed I almost forgot to let her through the doors first.  

Rio Scenarium - one of the popular dancing clubs in Rio de Janeiro

On the dance floor, things took a rather sensual turn as I couldn’t stop dancing with her. Unaware of the stares, I gulped down my drinks and continued to display my moves, moves I obviously didn’t have. I must confess, the Brazilian cuisine is one to behold. I particularly enjoyed the 14-Weiss Bohemia beer.

She really didn’t drink much, at least to the best of my knowledge. However, it seemed to be quite commonplace as most of the ladies there were either not drinking or holding a cup of beverage. This was really strange and in a typical manner, I decided it was time to ask questions.

Brazilian Dating Culture 101

After our dance, I asked her a couple of questions, especially pertaining to the dating culture in Brazil.  Since I was still clueless I wanted to know how I was doing.   She seemed so delighted by my question . Then she proceeded to enlighten me about the little tips and tricks of the Brazilian dating culture.

“Wow” I thought to myself, as she pulled me to the dance floor once again except this time, she drew me closer to herself and kissed me mid dance. I was stunned, my face resembled that of one just stung by a jelly fish. She was really loud on her vibes that day. And so I kissed her back, and my cojones began to act a scene which I hadn’t expressly approved of.

Soon enough, the club seemed too small for our imaginations and we got a taxi to take us home. As we moved towards a taxi, she took me in her arms once again and kissed me and told me the exact same words as the last time, thank you for your Time and company, I really loved it.

This time I got a clear message. These Brazilians really value their time. So I decided to give her more of my time. The next day I called her up and asked to see her, we met at the beach for a little hurriedly setup picnic. This time there were no chairs so we had to sit in the sand next to each other and boy was it lovely.

You would think we had been dating for year, if you saw how we poked each other’s noses and laughed at my boring jokes. She just wanted to just be all around me.

We later went ahead to join a couple of folks who were in the water and played along the beach.

At the end of the day, when we had left for the city, I wanted to get her some stuff but she respectfully declined. I questioned her actions, and she said she wasn’t here for all that. She was here for me, my person because she liked me.

Something to Take Away From the Brazilian Dating Culture

Brazilians have an alluring respect for boundaries which I ‘m yet to witness in any of the other dating cultures which I have actively been engaged in. It almost seems like everyone believes that the relationship which they find themselves in currently would lead to something more permanent.

The next day, I went into town and watched many couples as they interacted. It was the same for most scenarios. But for a few exceptions.

Now, I had to part ways with my Brazilian wonder woman, but I had learnt a lot about the Brazilian dating culture. It was simple over here. The women either liked you or not. It wasn’t about what you could offer in terms of cash or how rich you were, but even then, you were expected to be a man and meet up certain financial requirements. There was definitely no going back on this one.

Also, it was a norm for the guy to handle the bill on dates. The ladies were also quite outspoken and did not bottle up their emotions as I found with some other dating cultures.

They really were not flirts, just out spoken and quite time conscious. There was a noticeably heavy usage of dating apps. I mean, the number of Brazilians on Tinder is really dreadful to say the least.

Finally, don’t over dress just be casual.

So if you intend to visit the beautiful home of the Amazon, Brazil, I believe you can take a cue from my experience about the Brazilian dating culture and keep the fancy clothes and the golden necklaces away from the first few dates 😊.