Beautiful Brazilian Women

Brazil is an enormous country, with a plethora of beautiful tourist attraction sites and a million beaches. But only a select few know about the unrivalled beauty of the Brazilian women. Well, if you’ve been reading my blogs, I’m sure you all know by now that I’m one of the few 😉

As a heterosexual man who is visiting Brazil, ensure to keep your gaze controlled lest you turn in circles in admiration of such beautiful works of art in these beautiful Brazilian women.

Places I have visited where I think the most beautiful Brazilian women are

Throughout my sojourn around the country, I have encountered countless beauties especially in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis, Belo Horizonte, and Curitiba.  By beauty, I do not simply refer to the outer aesthetic features of these women, but their intellect, and other beauties 😉

While in Brazil, I visited quite a number of locations in a bid to better acclimatise with the traditional Brazilian man, and how sexual interactions blossomed. In my opinion, the five under listed cities rank as the top locations of the most beautiful women in all of Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro–

Rio de Janeiro is a big seaside city in Brazil, arguably one of the most popular cities of Brazil. It is known for its numerous beaches, night bars, carnival festivals, parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba dancers. I mean, with a list like that, it’s little wonder flocks of extremely beautiful women are present here. Think about it, where else are you going to meet a lot of beautiful Brazilian women if not at the beaches or carnival festivals?

Rio de Janeiro - the women of Rio de Janeiro are a true representation of beauty

The women of Rio de Janeiro are a true representation of the word gorgeous; I remember my jaw dropping when I first sighted these amazing ladies at the beach. I literally spent the entire day walking up and down the beach in sheer awe at how there could have been so many beautiful ladies in one place.

In my opinion, I believe that their facial features, as well as their bodies ensure that they meet a 9/10 minimum score on most lists. In all honesty, you should see for yourself. Did I mention that they are friendly and easily approachable?

I met my first Brazilian lover in Rio at the Copacabana beach. She gave me a “tour” of Rio. Good times I tell you, good times.  

Just one caveat!

A caveat, however, is that while these women are easily approachable, they are far from easy. ( In fact, I have written an article on this.) To further understand this, perhaps read my article on my “Rio de Janeiro experience”.

It is quite the struggle to get over the first step with most of these ladies as they are not interested in games, jerks, or posers for that matter. And yes, they can sniff these traits from a mile away. Hence, if you are a cheap ass guy who doesn’t believe in spending on women, then you may want to sit this one out.

Asides the numerous beaches and carnivals, a number of other places abound you can meet beautiful Brazilian women in Rio. Here is a comprehensive list of sambas and single bars where you can meet beautiful ladies:

  • Fasano in Ipanema.
  • Mud Bug in Copacabana.
  • Cervantes in Copacabana.
  • Bip Bip in Copacabana.
  • Bar Astor in Ipanema.
  • Bar Pavao Azul in Copacabana.

Sao Paulo–

Sao Paulo is totally different from Rio de Janeiro. While Rio is more laid-back, and generally perceived as the location to have maximum fun, Sao Paulo is the financial centre of Brazil, so you won’t find much tourist attractions in the city. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find beautiful Brazilian women in Sao Paulo. If anything, you will meet a lot of women in Sao Paulo.

Sao Paolo - Brazilian women in Sao Paolo are of mixed races

Most of the Brazilian women in Sao Paulo are of mixed races. Most of them are descendants of Italians, Portuguese, and Japanese. However, they all identify as Brazilians regardless of their mixed races. On my article on the beautiful ladies of Sa Paulo, Isabel was a mixed Italian-Brazilian (link here).

The ladies in Sao Paulo in my experience are as beautiful as they are busy. Seeing that they live in a work-themed environment, they have a belief that they need to catch up with work every other time.

Approaching them during the day will be a very bad idea, a terrible one, if my experience counts. It is always a safer bet you approach them at night in more relaxed locations such as bars, or clubs where they come to unwind.

Beautiful Brazilian women here who just want to have fun

On my visit to Sao Paulo, I met a beautiful brunette all dressed up at a night bar, she was wearing a suit and looking all business like. I approached her and tried to start small talk in a bid to relax the blood now gushing relentlessly through my cojones. During the course of our chitchat, it turned out that she had only come to the bar to unwind after a day of stressful work.

As businesslike as they may seem, the women here are fun to be with, extremely smart, and easy to talk to (you just need to work on your approach). Oh and seeing that most of them are working-class ladies, you should be smart and have enough money to at least buy them drinks. Also, like my guide told me during my trip to last trip to Sao Paulo, “Many of them don’t need your money. They just want some fun.” (link to this article here) You have to pay for your drinks and hers regardless. 

Here are some single bars and nightclubs in Sao Paulo where you can meet beautiful Brazilian women:

  • Mahau at Rua Professor Atílio Innocenti.
  • D-Edge at Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade.
  • Cafe Piu Piu at R. Treze de Maio.
  • Canto de Ema
  • Zero Club at R. Santo Antônio.
  • Bar Mangueira at R. Cláudio Soares.
  • Love Story at R. Araújo.
  • BrewDog at Rua Coropés.
  • Quitandinha at R. Fidalga.
  • Carioca Club at Rua Cardeal Arcoverde.

Florianopolis –

Florianopolis - the city that has the most beautiful Brazilian women

Florianopolis is popular for its beaches and resorts, and there is no doubt you would meet a number of beautiful Brazilian women who love to sun bath and relax in these places. Picture women in tiny bikinis covering little to nothing, looking like models in a swim suit commercial. Yes, that is what they look like.

Perhaps the city that has the most beautiful Brazilian women

Florianopolis is rumoured to be the home of some of the best-looking people in the world. Now you can at least understand my awe when I visited this little beach city during my tour. The issues I encountered are, most of these women live with their parents as is typical in such small cities, plus they tend to have a higher social standing, which implies that they are not readily open to affairs, especially with foreigners. But then they are hot!!!!!!

If your sole aim of visiting Brazil is to get laid, you may want to try some other city with more realistic prospects. But again, just considering how beautiful the ladies of this city are, it may be worth the shot.

Oh, and yea, the men are just as picturesque. The first impression you get when you visit the beach is ‘Is a gym membership mandatory here?’ A very large percentage of the people here are gorgeous by my standards. To stand a chance, you need to surpass these ripped gentlemen somehow, how you intend to do that is honestly beyond me.

The women in Florianopolis are not only beautiful

They are friendly, nice and very approachable. There are other places asides the beaches where you can meet beautiful Brazilian women in Florianopolis.

There’s a Cosmopolita club in Centro if you are willing to mingle with the local rich girls. This was my spot, and yes, I got lucky on one of the evenings, and I’ll admit it. I still dream about that night, her perfume, swirling hair, strong knees, and her sheer speed. She singlehandedly added the theme, ‘rich girl, daddy issues, freaky as they come’, to my seek list.

Bottom line, if you are lucky to strike one, you’d realise you never truly understood the meaning of the word ‘lucky’

You can meet them in shopping malls during the day (not that I would advise this, but here you go). Here is a list of shopping malls in Florianopolis:

  • Centro commercial ARS.
  • Jurerê open shopping mall.
  • Floripa shopping mall.
  • Beiramar shopping mall.

Belo Horizonte–

Belo Horizonte is a different city. It is different from most other cities of Brazil. It has no beach or resorts, however, this doesn’t necessarily translate to a shortage of beautiful Brazilian women. The city more than makes up for the absence of beaches with clubs and bars where I found some really hot Brazilian women. Again, they were quite difficult to screw.

Belo Horizonte - there are many types of Brazilian women here, exotic, educated, and regular next door type

There are different types of women in Belo Horizonte. I came across exotic ladies, educated ladies and regular girl next door type, ladies. The clubs and bars are full with beautiful girls, however, they might not be immediately accessible to you if your patience is thin.

This may be attributed to the weirdly conservative nature of these ladies, even though they tend to be quite liberal-minded with regard to sex. I learnt this when I visited a club in the Savassi neighbourhood. With patience and my fluency in Portuguese, more women started opening up to me. Of course, I took my opportunity and all I can say is that the Belle Horizonte soundtrack is the true definition of a functional feedback mechanism. Moans and shrill cries may bring forth your juices way before you know it. Hence, if you are one who cannot control your separation of juices, get loud Jabra headphones, lest you end up embarrassed after a minute of riding and cursing.


Curitiba is one of the largest cities in Brazil but it is off the tourist radar. It is not as visited as Rio, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis or Belo Horizonte for that matter.

Curitiba - here you'll find beautiful Brazilian women with European looks

You know how most Brazilian women in Sao Paolo are mostly Italian-looking? It is almost the same for the Curitiba women, as they tend to appear more German. This, however, doesn’t make them look less sexy.

When I travelled to Curitiba, it felt different from every other city I’ve visited in Brazil. It has a European feel to it.

There are a lot of sexy, gorgeous women in Curitiba, unfortunately, the city in itself is quite conservative and introverted, so if you are waiting for a Curitiba lady to walk up to you and act all friendly, you might be in for quite the wait.

I also observed that due to a fear of being slut shamed, the ladies of this city make a concerted effort to appear as sexually conservative as possible. Thankfully, alcohol as always loosens them up. The thing with Curitiba is that you have to be patient, and play discreet. If you get a girl on your good side, you are going to have her for a long time…. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any action during my stay here.

All in all, the people are warm at night and cold at day. The men are friendlier, and it helped that one of my friends here spoke English.

There are three very good upmarket nightlife areas that are worth visiting: Vicente Machado, Shopping Hauer and Batel.

Now that I have given you an insight on places where you can meet up beautiful Brazilian women,

So, next time you find yourself having a curiosity or an itch to explore Brazil and see and even meet these beautiful Brazilian women, I would recommend to start with Rio first then any of the other places I’ve just shared.  I would always go back to Rio and definitely go back to, at least, Florianopolis or Belo Horizonte. 

Having a Brazilian woman pound on you is truly a feeling of fulfilment, and I do not mean that in any small terms. If I were asked to advice, I’d say “Do not get married until you have a samba encounter with one of these Brazilian vixens.

For me, I love challenges above all, hence, I preferred my stay at the town of Bella Horizonte. The sheer confidence of these ladies and the hustling spirit in the city ranks….Did I mention that their soundtracks are magnificent?

In truth, it can be quite difficult to approach a lady and follow through.  But if you are lucky, you may just end up with a pretty, smart, and charming Bella that would make your stay a rewarding and a memorable one.   Or, perhaps, meet someone worthwhile, a beautiful Brazilian woman, whom you could connect with and even possibly develop something long-term that would make you keep coming back for now.

Sao Paulo Women

Not too long ago, I shared with you guys my experience of the dating culture in Rio de Janeiro and boy was it enthralling.  This time, I want to share about…….. my brief adventurous visit to Brazil’s largest city, the great city of Sao Paulo.  As always, I intend to share every bit of my experience in this great city of Brazil including my brief encounter with Sao Paulo women 😉).

Sao Paulo, so large, so beautiful

Sao Paulo, Brazil evening skyline

You take one look at the city of Sao Paulo and the first thing you notice is how extremely humongous the city is. Larger than most of the world’s largest metropolises, the city of Sao Paulo was quite different from all the other Brazilian cities I had been to. From the sheer size of the city, to the sumptuous women all over the place, Sao Paulo might just be one of the retirement locations I would consider after all.

Sao Paulo at last

As a person who visits the beautiful tourist city of Rio de Janeiro, I was in for a shock- a world of differences the moment I stepped into Sao Paulo. The first thing I noticed about Sau Paulo was its sheer size. The city is so large that I knew in my heart that I could never possibly enjoy the offerings of the city all at once. This was really different from Rio where I could comb through the whole of the town in a couple of days.

The best thing about Sao Paulo is that it is not full of tourists like Rio. If you want to experience real Brazil without a lot of the tourist crap added in, then this city is for you.  But if you want to sit on the beach, drink beer and enjoy the sun, then go to Rio, which has museums, restaurants, clubs, shopping and sights in a uniquely spectacular beachside location.

My First Few Days

On my first few days, I took my time to observe the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, and I could tell that it was a much busier place than Rio. Of course it had to be. I had done my own little research about the city long before now. I was told that Sau Paulo was the commercial hub of Brazil, and only few hours into the city, I could see that it was indeed true. The city looked so busy, I began to doubt if I would be able to catch maximum thrills here. And how wrong was I about that…  

Living Expenses, People

Soon I had to link up with my AIRBnB host, and I must confess that the living expenses are really high here in Sao Paulo. It is rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Thankfully, coming from America I didn’t have to worry about that as my dollars had more purchasing power. 

I planned my trip wisely.  And since I’m not familiar with the city, I linked up with a host on AIRBnB at a fairly cheaper price. And so, I took a bus toward the heart of the city where my host stayed.

While here, I was tempted to be a bit more adventurous and ride the subway. In hindsight, I am so thankful I didn’t as the buses are the fastest way to get around the huge metropolis. Taxis are no better. You may scream about comfort, but trust me, when you get to Sau Paulo, the only thing that matters to you is time. 

I met my host

I finally got to my AIRBnB and I met my host. He was quite young, about 24 years. He could speak a little bit of English, thus, I considered myself really lucky. Now it would be easier to ask questions and find my way around town.

The very first thing I asked was if there was a place where I could unwind. And my driver gave me that look which is universal to all men. In summary, I couldn’t have gotten a better host. He took me around the area and showed me a few hangout spots. But before we stepped out, he offered me a rain coat. He advised that I never go anywhere in Sau Paulo without one due to the extremely unpredictable weather (I was soon to learn a lot more about that).

Getting Around the City

As my host took me through the city, I began to spot more and more differences between Sau Paulo and Rio. For instance, In Rio, you could find hangout spots everywhere. In Sao Paulo, the reverse was the case as you had to know where you were going to get to these spots. Thus, the need of a reliable guide.

I soon began to see things which I did not notice before simply because there was no one to show it to me. As we moved (it was dark already), my host showed me places and people to avoid. When I asked, he just said “not too safe”.

Later on, I got to understand better that the city wasn’t necessarily dangerous, if you knew your way around, knew where to go and where to avoid.

We moved on and we came across a couple of spots, however, one seemed to stand out. And this “D edge”, which is one of the numerous baladas in the city( balada simply means night club) teeming with Sao Paolo women.

Sao Paulo Women dancing @ D-Edge Club, Sao Paulo Brazil
D-Edge Dance Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil

From the moment we got there, I fell in love with the music coming from the club. It still rings in my head even now. It just felt so much like something I could vibe to even though I had never heard it before.

An Outdoor Encounter, Such endearing Sao Paulo Women

After showing me some other parts of that part of town, we took a walk past the Ibirapuera Park.  It was a little park where one could unwind during the day, therefore, I made up my mind to visit the very next day. It was in this moment I really noticed the Sao Paulo women. The ladies of Sau Paulo (at least) this part of town were very beautiful and busy. They seemed to always be in a hurry to get somewhere, ensuring that you never had enough time to stare at their beautiful faces and gorgeous bodies. These Sao Paulo women I saw were neither as tall as the legendary Amazons, nor were they Lilliputians.  They were just the perfect height and size for most men.

A little tip about Sao Paulo women

As we returned to the house, my host gave me a little tip about the Sao Paulo women. “This is Sao Paulo” he said, “and every lady is like the sun.  Harsh and almost burning during the day, but nowhere to be found by night.” It took me 4 additional questions and 3 repetitions on his part to fully understand the project.  Apparently, the ladies hit the clubs to unwind. “Wait for night,” he said, and I took his advice to heart like a teddy bear as we moved back to the house.

Ibirapuera Park, Here I Come

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The next day, I went to theIbirapuera Park. I simply walked around, looked at and studied the people and drank fresh coconut milk. As I watched, the weather began to change. At first I thought it was the sun getting lost under the clouds. But in a few minutes I was drenched so badly, I wished I had listened to my host and taken a rain coat.

I finally managed to get under some shade. While under the shade, I noticed that despite the rain, this city was still pushing and busy. I climbed up to a bridge and from there, all I could see were moving umbrellas and rain coats. It reminded me of a work of art that I had seen on my last trip to Brazil.

I was approached

“Beautiful right?” came a voice from beside me.  I looked and right beside me was an Amazon. For a lack of better vocabulary, she had gorgeous looks, a beautiful body and a complimenting height. She had eyes so beautiful I felt light headed when she spoke to me. At that instant, I remembered what my guide had told me about the city. The criminals who operated here in Sau Paulo were mostly ladies. So I didn’t say a word. I just turned around and walked away.

Regrets, and more regrets

All the way home I kept cursing myself for letting this one slip away. When I got to my host, I tried describing her, but to my shock, he finished the descriptions for me.  “You are very lucky” he said. “You could have been robbed. Wait till evening and the right Sao Paulo women you will find in club.”

So I decided to patiently wait based on my guide’s instructions. That night, I went to “D edge”, and as I got in there, there was a beautiful work of art on the walls. The walls had been designed in such an esoteric manner, yet enthralling to the untrained eye. 

Before I could fully assimilate the beauty of the walls, my attention shifted, involuntarily albeit to the ladies who seemed to be everywhere, dancing like crazed birds. 

Sao Paulo women dancing at a club

I sat down and took a beer, waiting for a Sao Paulo lady to jump at me to my gross disappointment. Not one of these ladies walked up to me. I then decided to try my luck with one of the beautiful ladies. I began searching my archives for a good pickup line but it was anything but easy.

Finally my hook catches a fish

So I skimmed through the rows of ladies, all crazy pretty and proceeded to a lady behind the pack of sweating dancers. She danced like she was in need for attention, and here I was, attention my new middle name. And so I danced towards her in a bid to give her the desired attention. I knew I had to be firm and straight forward and tried to say hello in my newly learnt Portuguese tone.

No sooner was I done, than she started moving away from me, still dancing. I wondered if I had said something wrong as I watched her go away. Just when all hope seemed lost, she turned around and danced towards me and whispered in my ears. “You haven’t got all night, go straight to the point”. Two things shocked me, the fluency of her English and her response.  In truth, I was expecting her to speak some portuñol or portunhol (a weird mixture of Portuguese and Spanish) which was more like the dialect here in Sao Paulo. 

A Clue had been given

There was truly no point beating around the bush, therefore, I dove right in. I just had one week to spend in town, and wanted to have all the fun I could, and in as many positions 😉. I added that I wanted a Sao Paulo woman I could have fun with while in town. “How much fun” she asked. I responded by asking her how much fun she could offer. She liked me, and I could see it in her demeanour. She moved closer to me and said dance with me. If you impress me then, maybe something is possible.

Dance Dance Dance!

Dancing with Sao Paulo women I met at the club

I danced like never before, like my very existence depended on it. But she was way better.  At the end of the day, she looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, after which we sat down and talked over a drink. Her name was Isabel. She was a mixed breed- an Italian father and a Spanish mother, born and bred in Sao Paulo. Isabel and I talked for hours, and before we realised just how much time we had spent talking, it was morning already. I finally got her number and promised to call. 

The Follow-up

Throughout the next day, I called her number but she neither took nor returned any of my calls. And as you know, a man tends to lose his ability to reason aright when blood flows from the head above to that below. Well, I was that man now, and boy was I desperate.

In my desperation, I decided to hit the club that evening in search of a less elusive partner this time. But just as I was getting ready to hit the club that evening, I got a message from her which read, “Please call me”. Well I liked her, and so I called her and she went about how the day was so busy that she couldn’t pick her calls, and that she was already at the club waiting for me. Like music to my ears, I responded like a child who had been given a new toy. I filled my pockets with glow-in-the-dark condoms and hopped to meet my guide who had been waiting outside the apartment.   

Not after commitment but after the fun

One thing that really amazed me was Isabella’s silence about commitment and I talked to my host about it. He told me that the Sao Paolo women I meet at the clubs in are really not after commitment but after the fun. But then I thought to myself, “Virtually all the ladies in Sao Paulo are at the clubs at night” he cut my thought saying “Many of them don’t need your money. They just want some fun.” 

While I pondered that thought, we got to the club and there she was, a stunning image of a woman, or was it my cojones doing the thinking now?

Go for what you want with no donkey work.

I highlighted from the vehicle and pecked her on the forehead. I looked at her face. She was smiling but it read disappointment. “This is Sao Paulo. Be bold with what you want” she said.

We danced and danced like crazed donkeys until we ended up donkeying each other at my place. I must confess, in all my years, I’m yet to experience an ability to please like that of a Sao Paulo woman. There I lay with my glow in dark condoms wailing in excitement like a little wet child.

I leave the rest of what happened to your imagination.  But you should understand already. These ladies in Sao Paulo are everything you see in Rio and more. They are in for the fun and nothing more. Don’t try impressing them with money, but pay the bills when you go on dates especially if you really like the company and the possibility that it might lead to something more excitement.   Be bold and assertive, but polite.  Go for the kill as fast as you can. She would be waiting for it.

My short and sweet brief encounter with Sao Paulo women

That was my short and sweet stay in Sao Paulo and my brief encounter with Sao Paulo women.  Sao Paulo takes time to grow on you.  So, plan at least a couple of days if you plan to visit this great city because  a day isnt enough to develop the love! So, get out there, be adventurous and explore the city and the women especially. 

When it comes to women, it’s a two way street. You may hit the right one or the wrong one.  If you happen to meet someone that you like, be open minded, have fun, and just ride along.  Who knows it might turn out that she’d take you on a wild ride, and make it worth your time.  Nonetheless, take extra precautions while in Sao Paulo, but above all have fun and ride along.  It might turn out to be one hell of an ecstatic trip for you.

Rio de Janeiro Women

Whenever I have met Rio de Janeiro women, I have been floored by their gorgeous looks, passionate temperament, and how direct they are. Based on my experiences with these amazing women, here is what I learned about Rio de Janeiro women, including where and how I met them.

What Rio De Janeiro Women Are Like

I love the women you can find in Rio. As I mentioned in one of  my previous articles, most of my earlier travels to Brazil were mostly in Rio.  Therefore, I could say I had ample experience meeting and dating Rio De Janeiro women.  From my experience, they are unlike any you will find anywhere else in the world. When you think of Brazilian women, and more specifically those from Rio, what do you think? If you are like me, you conjure of exciting visions of curvy and passionate women who swoon over foreign men.

While a lot of these things are true, there are some misconceptions as well. Here is a breakdown of what Rio de Janeiro women are really like.

They Are Brutally Honest

I was surprised at how open and honest women in Rio are. In one of my first experiences taking to a woman from Rio, I was taken aback when she said, “I know you like me, why haven’t you kissed me already?” Gentlemen, if you don’t mind frankness, you will find Rio de Janeiro women a welcoming breath of fresh air compared to women elsewhere. When it comes to topics like sex, which are usually something women in places like the US are more coy about, they talk about it very frankly. You could just as well be talking to a women in Rio about her favorite sexual position just as if you were talking about what her favorite music is.

This radical openness and honesty also leads them to tell you exactly how they feel about you. There is no beating around the bush with Rio women. If a woman doesn’t feel you are compatible with her, she will tell you. I actually find this refreshing, since it saves a lot of time wasted on misunderstanding what a woman wants. It also helps me avoid wasting time on something that is going nowhere.

Rio de Janeiro Women Are Voluptuous and Feminine

I’m sure you have heard it time and time again how curvy Rio de Janeiro women are in all the right places. I have definitely seen this with my own eyes. They must have some incredible genes, because everywhere I looked I saw voluptuous women strutting around like golden goddesses. With that being said, not all of them have the most flattering faces.

Rio de Janeiro Women are voluptuous and feminine.

Most of Rio is poverty-stricken, meaning they do not have access to healthy food, have a gym membership, or money for beauty products. However, most of the woman I meet are in trendy spots where you get the middle class women coming to party and find a man. Women in Rio are sexy and they know it. I love how they own it and are unashamed of it.

Rio de Janeiro Women Are Not Easy

I find there there is this myth about Brazilian women being easy. My experience is that this is far from the truth. Those stories you hear about them jumping the bones of any decent-looking guy who smiles at them and buys them a drink usually involved a prostitute. If you want an authentic experience with a Rio de Janeiro woman, you have to show her you are a quality guy.

When it comes to areas of Brazil like Rio, women are more traditional and conservative. Going out to a club and taking a Rio woman home with you for a one-night stand is difficult to do unless you paid her in some way. Rio women want to get to know you and have you prove you are worth getting more involved and intimate with them.

I would suggest spending around two weeks seeing a women from Rio before you try to get her into bed. Give her the Boyfriend Experience and really enjoy spending time with her. I find I can always have an amazing and enjoyable time hanging out with Rio de Janeiro women. They are a lot of fun in many ways, and while you will eventually seduce her into bed, it is a far cry from the only fun you can have with them.

Where to Meet Rio de Janeiro Women

I have found that if you are a single guy with money in your pocket and are looking for Rio de Janeiro women, here is what you need to know. You will find an assortment of Brazilian women in Rio, thanks to its multicultural roots. Regardless of what flavor of Brazilian women you prefer, you will find them at these spots around this salacious city.

Starting around 9 PM and up to 2 AM, if you go to the Copacabana area of Rio, you can head over to Mab’s Restaurant & Bar. Just head over to the bar, take a seat, and start talking with any of the beautiful women sitting there.

About a block away from Mab’s is a club called Dolce Vita Disco that stays lively until around 7 AM. However, from my experience, if you stay out that late without meeting a woman, chances are the women that are still there are not the kind you want to leave with. I was amazed at how many beautiful Rio de Janeiro women there are at this club. One piece of advice I will give you about this place is that you have to be fast, because the competition can be high.

I have found that Friday and Saturday night are the best time to go out and meet the stunning and vivacious women of Rio. Lapa is a trendy place with plenty of beautiful women you can meet. However, as with many clubs in Rio, if you don’t know Portuguese, you can find yourself striking out. This is why it’s a good idea to brush up on some Portuguese so you can increase your odds of winning over a beautiful Brazilian woman.

What about Copacabana?

The entire Copacabana area has several bars and clubs that you can go to and land yourself a gorgeous Brazilian woman. If you strike out at one place, simple go down the street to the next place. There are plenty of women out at these places at night looking for a great guy, so don’t get discouraged if you are struggling in the beginning.

One of the best places to meet Rio de Janeiro women is Ipanema Beach. I found that there is usually a party vibe at this beach, with many gorgeous young women enjoying the sun. The benefit of meeting a woman on the beach is that they are less likely to have their guards up because, unlike a club, they are usually not getting hit on without end while there. Just make sure you know some Portuguese before you walk up to one of the many beautiful vixens Rio has to offer.

I sometimes had difficulty with the women on Ipanema Beach, which is when I made my way over to Copacabana Beach. Sometimes, the upper class women I found on Ipanema just didn’t care for me that much. That is why Copacabana beach became my dating playground. This is the other beach in Rio de Janeiro that is a goldmine for meeting women. There are plenty of middle class and working class women who loved the opportunity to meet a Western man like myself.

How to Meet Rio de Janeiro Women

Since Rio de Janeiro women are open and honest, they expect a man to be the same way.  My recipe for success with meeting and dating women from here is to be very forward and direct. They like the traditional image of a man who knows what he wants and is not afraid to show it.

I have had great success with a refined method based on how Rio women are, which goes something like this:

You meet a Rio woman, be it on the beach, at a bar, or in a club. You then take down her contact info such as a number to call or text her on. After that, you set up a date with her somewhere with a relaxed evening atmosphere where you both can get drinks and get to know her better. At some point during your date, you will go in for a kiss and seal your fate, for better or for worse.

Brazilian Dating Culture

I find the Brazilian dating culture fascinating because you can kiss a woman really soon after meeting her and have it be completely normal. In fact, if you notice she’s laughing at your jokes and enjoying your company, if you don’t go in for a kiss within 10 minutes or so, they will think you aren’t into them! If you are feeling there’s rapport between the two of you, go in for that kiss and don’t wait until the night is over. You should remember that a kiss does not automatically mean you will get into bed with a Rio woman. I noticed that the way we give out hugs in America is akin to what Brazilians do with kisses.

In my experience, planning to go to the beach with a Rio women is a great second date. Enjoy her company and keep up the physical contact to show rapport and connection. However, avoid being too aggressive and imposing.

So, relax and go slow….

Within a week or two since you first met your favored Rio woman, you can offer to meet up for drinks near where you are staying, or simply invite her up to your place. This will be your moment to turn up the heat and go the distance. You can take an accelerated path with working class women, but for those charismatic and gorgeous Rio de Janeiro women, you will have better luck taking things slower.

While I had a few strikeouts when I first started meeting Rio de Janeiro women, I figured out what they like and how fast they feel comfortable taking things to the bedroom. This gave me the confidence to share what I learned with you.


Now that you have this extra knowledge and inside scoop about Rio de Janeiro women, where to meet them, and how to win them over, you should have an easier time getting a date. I love the temperament, passion, honesty, and beauty of Brazilian women and think it is well worth learning about the best way to date them. You may find it as rewarding of an experience as I do.

A Taste of Brazilian Dating Culture

On my earlier travels to Brazil – Rio de Janeiro to be precise, I had heard a lot about dating Brazilian girls and all the thrills which it brought forth. So in typical fashion, I had to make it count. I decided to give it a try and learn a little about Brazilian dating culture. No sooner had I arrived had I clicked on the Tinder dating app which I heard was one of the biggest dating apps used in Brazil. I logged in and I was shocked to discover the sheer number of Brazilians who used the app.

One way to get exposure to the Brazilian dating culture is to use Tinder dating app - one of the biggest apps used in Brazil

I entered my specifications (which could differ from yours) and initiated a search. Soon enough I got results of Brazilian girls who were interested in meeting up and having a drink or two. I went through the list, girl after girl, stunning beauties, such that it was very difficult to make a selection. I was thinking I would just try my luck with each of the ladies (I mean who knows what could come out of my little adventure). Then I looked closer at one of the profiles, the lady stated very clearly she was interested in foreigners. For me that was a sign. I decided to throw all my eggs in this basket, hoping for a good return. I just prayed she swiped right just like I did.

Click, Click, Tinder Works

Later that night, I got a notification from the Tinder app. It was from this same beautiful young lady. Here name was Adriana, we got talking and luckily for me, she was fluent in English. There was no need to start learning Portuguese I whispered to myself. We talked way into the night. I got to know a lot about her, her name, what she did, what she liked in a guy, and all the other likes there are.

I used Tinder app to get a taste of the Brazilian dating culture while in Rio

We kept on like this for a space of three days. On the third day I woke up to a message from her and it read, “ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ME ON A DATE OR NOT??? I was shocked at her outspokenness. She was going straight for the ultimate price without hesitation. I thought I had gotten myself a flirt. How wrong I was.

Well I wrote back an answer. I said “I was going to ask today”. So I went on to officially ask her on a date.

We set out the time and place for meeting, and I started preparing for the date, shaved, picked the right clothing, and even bought a new fragrance to blend into the Brazilian dating culture.

Dress to kill or dress to impress?

To impress her, I was there, thirty minutes before time, in my best outfit. As I got in there, all eyes were on me. I really couldn’t understand what was wrong. I felt very uncomfortable but I tried to compose myself as best as I could. Then I went over to the bar and ordered a drink, after which I tipped the bar tender.

Then I asked why everyone was looking at me. He couldn’t really communicate in English, but I could make out some of the words he said. He asked if I was here for a date and I said yes. Then he smiled and said, “Dressing too much”. It was then I noticed that I was quite overdressed in comparison to the locales there.

Just while I was contemplating leaving to change, wonder woman walks in. She looked more beautiful than the pictures foretold. She was wearing a simple dress and nothing too elaborate yet, she looked really gorgeous.

A beautiful Brazilian woman suddenly walked in

She waved at me, so I walked up to her and extended my hands for a casual handshake but instead of a hand shake I got a very warm hug. At that moment, I just loved Brazil, its dating culture, and everything about it. So this was what they always talked about. I had just met her a couple of days back on Tinder. And here she was, so friendly. And did I tell you she was gorgeous too?

Never Forget Your Wallet

in the Brazilian dating culture, men ideally and preferably cover the bills.

I assure you, the Brazilians really know how to live the life. Soon we sat together and got talking. She did very little talking and really listened to me with an intense gaze for the most part of the evening. We had a nice time and ate some good Brazilian meals.

When it was time to pay for the meal, she feigned a certain type of ignorance which I couldn’t really understand, sipping her drink and still holding the conversation. It was almost as though the norm was a guy getting the bills. I was a little shocked at how sure she was that I would get the bills. Later, we took a little stroll down the road and soon it was time to go and I got yet another very warm hug. As her taxi drove off, I stood there wondering about what had just happened.

By the time I got home, she had sent a message telling me how much she enjoyed MY COMPANY and THE TIME WE SPENT TOGETHER.  So for her it wasn’t about what I could bring to the table but about me- my person and all. Every little discovery just made me want to stay back and learn more about the Brazilian dating culture.

The Second Date

About two days later, I called her up and asked to have another date and she was more than willing to oblige. This time I dressed moderately – no designers shoes, just a simple pair of Jeans and a casual button down shirt.

When she walked through the door this time, we had an even warmer hug. I assure you, there is something about the Brazilians and hugs. During the course of this date, she was much more open and vocal, as she laughed and played more.

I Finally Get To Dance

After the date, I suggested we tour a nearby little town called Del Castilho, to which she obliged. After about an hour of touring our little town, we walked passed a two-level dance club/bar called Rio Scenarium.  She asked that we go inside. I went inside with such speed I almost forgot to let her through the doors first.  

Rio Scenarium - one of the popular dancing clubs in Rio de Janeiro

On the dance floor, things took a rather sensual turn as I couldn’t stop dancing with her. Unaware of the stares, I gulped down my drinks and continued to display my moves, moves I obviously didn’t have. I must confess, the Brazilian cuisine is one to behold. I particularly enjoyed the 14-Weiss Bohemia beer.

She really didn’t drink much, at least to the best of my knowledge. However, it seemed to be quite commonplace as most of the ladies there were either not drinking or holding a cup of beverage. This was really strange and in a typical manner, I decided it was time to ask questions.

Brazilian Dating Culture 101

After our dance, I asked her a couple of questions, especially pertaining to the dating culture in Brazil.  Since I was still clueless I wanted to know how I was doing.   She seemed so delighted by my question . Then she proceeded to enlighten me about the little tips and tricks of the Brazilian dating culture.

“Wow” I thought to myself, as she pulled me to the dance floor once again except this time, she drew me closer to herself and kissed me mid dance. I was stunned, my face resembled that of one just stung by a jelly fish. She was really loud on her vibes that day. And so I kissed her back, and my cojones began to act a scene which I hadn’t expressly approved of.

Soon enough, the club seemed too small for our imaginations and we got a taxi to take us home. As we moved towards a taxi, she took me in her arms once again and kissed me and told me the exact same words as the last time, thank you for your Time and company, I really loved it.

This time I got a clear message. These Brazilians really value their time. So I decided to give her more of my time. The next day I called her up and asked to see her, we met at the beach for a little hurriedly setup picnic. This time there were no chairs so we had to sit in the sand next to each other and boy was it lovely.

You would think we had been dating for year, if you saw how we poked each other’s noses and laughed at my boring jokes. She just wanted to just be all around me.

We later went ahead to join a couple of folks who were in the water and played along the beach.

At the end of the day, when we had left for the city, I wanted to get her some stuff but she respectfully declined. I questioned her actions, and she said she wasn’t here for all that. She was here for me, my person because she liked me.

Something to Take Away From the Brazilian Dating Culture

Brazilians have an alluring respect for boundaries which I ‘m yet to witness in any of the other dating cultures which I have actively been engaged in. It almost seems like everyone believes that the relationship which they find themselves in currently would lead to something more permanent.

The next day, I went into town and watched many couples as they interacted. It was the same for most scenarios. But for a few exceptions.

Now, I had to part ways with my Brazilian wonder woman, but I had learnt a lot about the Brazilian dating culture. It was simple over here. The women either liked you or not. It wasn’t about what you could offer in terms of cash or how rich you were, but even then, you were expected to be a man and meet up certain financial requirements. There was definitely no going back on this one.

Also, it was a norm for the guy to handle the bill on dates. The ladies were also quite outspoken and did not bottle up their emotions as I found with some other dating cultures.

They really were not flirts, just out spoken and quite time conscious. There was a noticeably heavy usage of dating apps. I mean, the number of Brazilians on Tinder is really dreadful to say the least.

Finally, don’t over dress just be casual.

So if you intend to visit the beautiful home of the Amazon, Brazil, I believe you can take a cue from my experience about the Brazilian dating culture and keep the fancy clothes and the golden necklaces away from the first few dates 😊.

Brazilian Women vs American Women?

I’ve been asked a couple of times if Brazilian women are any different from Northern American women because of how much I talk about them. My reply is always “very” before going ahead to list the different things that make Brazilian women stand out.

In this article, I would tell you guys those differences from my own perspective. It is never proper to place stereotypes on people so everything you read here may not apply to every single Brazilian woman and not every white woman is the opposite of it. So basically, this is just a compilation of my observations from the Brazilians I have met as well as other people’s observations too.

How areBrazilian women different from Northern American women?

What makes an Alice Braga different from an Emilia Clarke or Ellen Page?

Brazilian women have a lower sense of entitlement (or maybe even none) than most white women. You see this pride and high expectations that most white ladies have when they feel they’re beautiful? Brazilian women don’t have that. Most of them are really beautiful and to be honest, they take care of their bodies way more than most white women but they don’t expect men to start falling at their feet and providing for their every need because of that. Most Brazilians – male and female – start working at a young age so they take pride in using their own money to take care of themselves. If you’ve been to Brazil, you would notice that most of the ladies there have one skill or the other and they do their jobs with pride, no matter how petty it is.

I think that Brazilian women are more mature than most white women. You know, maturity comes with experience, not just age and these women have so much experience. This is possibly due to the fact that they start working at a really early age than most white kids do. Additionally, the official age for drinking in Brazil is 18 as against 21 which is obtainable in the U.S and many other countries but you would hardly find a Brazilian woman drunk and knocked out in a bar like you would in the States or Canada. Yes, they love parties a lot but they don’t go over the roof partying. All the times I went to clubs while in Brazil, I never saw two Brazilian women fight over anything like you would see drunk white women do. I’m not dissing white women but it is what it is.

Regardless of the fact that Brazilian women are very mature, they don’t leave their parents’ houses early on. Brazilians are “unusually” attached to their families. Unusual because almost every child is attached to the parents but Brazilians take it a little bit further. By the time many Americans get to college, they move out of their parents’ houses while some do so after college but a Brazilian woman can remain in her parent’s house until she gets married. They earn their own money but they see no need going to rent a house elsewhere when they have parents to take care of and a comfortable house to stay while at it.

Brazilian women usually don’t look forward to having a divorce. Maybe white women don’t look forward to divorces in the beginning too but a Brazilian woman is most likely to stay with her husband even under hard conditions than most white women. It may be because there’s no law that entitles a woman to walk away with half of her husband’s earnings when they separate like it is in the U.S. If a Brazilian woman files for divorce, then you can be pretty sure that it is for a very good reason and she must have endured a lot.

You won’t see as many obese Brazilian women as you would see common among whites. Like I said, they are extremely cautious about the way they look and along with that, they don’t eat as much junk food as whites do. Brazilians love to cook so they cook most of their meals and hardly eat out. This is another factor that distinguishes them from a typical white woman. A white woman’s excuse for not cooking may be that she just doesn’t like cooking or that she is working. Brazilian women, as I stated before, work too. But they always make out time to prepare at least, one meal before setting out to work. This could be another reason why there’s a lower rate of divorce with them. They do well to regularly cook for their husbands and children and which man doesn’t like good food? Definitely not me. Lol.

Brazilian women are generally less conservative than most white women. If you check the internet about Brazilian women, most articles would describe them as aggressive and this is because they don’t sit and expect things to come to them. They go for everything they want even if it is a man. A Brazilian woman can be the one to hit on a man first not because she’s a slut but because she likes him. They don’t hide their feelings so any man that wants to have them should also be able to step up to their level. It is easier to get a Brazilian woman than a white woman but it is harder to keep her. You would have to understand her a lot and make a lot of sacrifices as time goes by. This takes us to the next point.

Brazilian women are not as materialistic as whites. Everyone has something they’re obsessed with but for white women, it is different. Many of them expect you to give them the world or half of it just because you’re in a relationship with them but Brazilians don’t do that. If they desire a thing, they get it with their own money and if they ask you to get it for them, then you should because it’s not something they’d do again anytime soon. In one of my articles, I explained that for most of them, their love language is quality time, not money.

This article would not be complete without mentioning the fact that Brazilian women are typically nice. A Brazilian woman doesn’t have to know you before saying “hi” and hugging you and maybe even helping with your bag. They are more receptive to strangers than most white women and people generally. If you ever visit Brazil, don’t keep your questions to yourself for fear that you would be snubbed. Who knows? You may just get yourself a friend by asking “which route do I take?”

As I said before stating the differences, these factors don’t apply to every Brazilian woman or every white woman. It is never fair and not so smart to stereotype and make faulty and hasty generalization about anyone. That’s why I used the word “most” in several points I made. It is just that the majority usually makes up for the rest so these are the differences based on what you see amongst most white women and most Brazilian women.

You can take everything I’ve said with  a grain of salt, but don’think this is just hogwash.  See it for yourself.  Take a one week trip to Brazil.  You may end up staying a month there because you’d have fallen in love with a Brazilian girl. Haha

Brazilian Women – Meeting & Dating Tips

A couple of weeks ago, my friend returned from Brazil and narrated his sorry tale about what went down between him and the beautiful Brazilian women there. I couldn’t help but laugh at him especially considering how much of an alpha male he is and how he prides himself in being able to sweep American ladies off their feet. Alpha male had no idea that Brazilian women were alpha too. 

A Short Tutorial on How to Win a Brazilian Woman

After having a good laugh, I gave him a short tutorial on how to win a Brazilian Woman. It wasn’t like the usual “how to win a woman’s heart” articles you’ll find online because in his case, he didn’t just want one to keep him company while he was there. He always talks about how he’d have a suntanned Latina with a banging body who’d walk down the aisle to meet him and the cute babies they’d have because they’d have their mother’s “sexy” genes. That was the reason he never had a long term relationship with any American lady. They just weren’t his spec. 

Having stayed in Brazil for weeks, I’m pretty familiar with how to win Brazilian women. One almost made me not return to the States after we dated for a couple of weeks. I reasoned that there may be hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who, like my friend, are trying to get a Brazilian woman so I decided to help out with some advise

So let’s get down to business. Here’s what you should know if you want to date Brazilian women:

Brazilian women are not American women. Yes, women are women but these Latinas are quite different. They are bold and straightforward with their feelings. I remember being at a club in Sao Paulo one night and while I helped myself to some wine – those guys are really good at brewing – one of the ladies in the club walked up to me. She wasn’t a stripper or anything like that. She was just there to have fun like the rest of us. She asked if I wanted to dance and being a nice guy, I obliged. Soon after we started whirling, she told me, “you’re a handsome guy. I like you.” I was speechless for a moment because it was quite strange for women to make the first move. Noticing my reaction, she placed her hand at the back of my head and said: “I mean it.” She didn’t look bothered about me rejecting her advances or not. She was just shooting her shot and trust me, it worked. 

If a Brazilian woman likes you, she’d tell you straight up.

And if you like her, you gotta man up and tell her right away. If you’re waiting to have maybe one or two more dates and know her some more before telling her what’s on your mind, you may never get that opportunity. 

At least know how to tell her you love her in her own dialect.

Brazilian women want to at least hear from you that t you love her in her own dialect

You’ve gotta be able to talk to her in her language. Brazilians speak Portuguese and only very few speak English so how are you going to even enter the contest talk more about winning if she doesn’t understand you? Even if you’re aiming for only the few that speak English, know how to tell her you love her in her own dialect. Besides, the non-English speaking ones are the most romantic. I know that for sure.

P. S. I knew how to speak Spanish before going there so it wasn’t difficult for me to learn Portuguese when I got there. 

Only the persistent men win.

 Most of the Brazilian men are really good looking, in fact, way good looking than most of the foreigners there so if you snooze, you lose. Telling her you love her doesn’t mean she’s yours. Even dating her doesn’t still mean that you’ve won her. You have to reinforce your love every single day. Buying her flowers one day doesn’t make up for the whole month. Actually, their love language is quality time. Just give her your time and trust me, she’d fight for you, literally. Long-distance relationships rarely work here. 

You remember the woman I talked about that almost made stay longer in Brazil? That is one thing you’d have to do if you want to keep a Brazilian woman. Brazilians are usually very attached to their family so leaving their country is a no-no not even for a man. They are not as wealthy as most Americans but using money or a visa abroad to tempt them won’t work except, of course, the woman actually needs a visa to the U.S but as soon as you guys get back, she’ll dump you for what she came for. Simple. 

Brazilian women are not easily submissive.

They won’t cower just to feed your ego or fit into your requirements. I have always had a penchant for tall ladies who are educated and that’s what I went for every time. A Brazilian woman would not start going to school because you like educated women or stop going to church because you don’t like religious people. Know exactly what you want and go for it otherwise, you’d be the one getting hurt. Trust me, you can hardly break their hearts. Hardly.

One very important tip is DRESS WELL.

Dress well! Suits & tie don't move typical Brazilian women

 Suits and tie don’t move those women. I discovered that they have so many relaxation areas and that’s who they are. Very relaxed people. They don’t stress about life and work and school. They do what they can and have as much fun as they can. If you appear in corporate wears every time you go out on a date with her, she’d most likely never introduce you to her friends. Latinos know gringos just by a glance so you don’t have to yell that you’re one with the way you dress. 

My friend would be going back to Brazil in about a month from now and I’m sure that this time, he wouldn’t return so fast because he’d have a Brazilian woman on his arm day and night. I stayed mainly in Sao Paulo so I know that you can get any kind of woman you want there. You’d also varieties in Rio de Janeiro which is another big city in Brazil. But if you’re specific about descents, then try particular regions. You’d find more women who are from European descent in Southern Brazil and those with African descents, in Northeast Brazil. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are in the Southeast. 

Dating a Brazilian Woman Tips

I’ve been talking to a Carioca friend from Rio de Janeiro who has been living in the United States for the past 10 years, and she has some great insights about dating Brazilian women. Here are a few pieces of her advice for anyone dating a Brazilian woman for the first time:

Make sure she’s the real deal!

First, you need to make sure you are going out with a genuine lady. Unfortunately, tourist places in Brazil are a hotspot for women looking to sell their…attention…to unwitting tourists. It’s hard to tell, because they act like normal, friendly women. They usually hang out in groups with friends and seem really happy to come talk to you. But you’ll start to notice things here and there that tell you they’re not being entirely genuine. 

Talk to people at your hotel — front desk clerks, other employees, or some friendly people you happen to meet at the hotel bar — and ask them where you can go to find real local Brazilian ladies. 

Real Brazilian women won’t approach men. They expect to be treated like ladies, and prefer a gentleman to come talk to them first. They are often quite conservative at first, so take things slow and make a lot of eye contact (eyes up, guys!)

If you want an easy start, check out the night scene. Brazilian women are very outgoing and always up for an adventure. Many frequent clubs to dance the night away, so make sure you look your best, then hit the clubs! Don’t hesitate to go after what you want once you’re there and have fun with your approach.

Going out in Rio to meet a Brazilian woman

Ask her out!

Once you find a lady that seems interested, invite her to dinner so you can get to know each other a bit better in a comfortable setting. When dating a Brazilian woman, make sure that you are well dressed. Brazilian women like dressing up when they go out for dinner. If you’re not the type of guy who likes to dress up, just make sure you are presentable, tidy, and clean.

Clean yourself up

Brazilian women like men who look like they take good care of themselves, so make sure you’re showered, cut and clean, and that you smell good before you head out the door. Don’t hesitate to wear a nice cologne. You won’t regret it!

Typical Brazilian woman likes men who take care of themselves

Also, clean up your nails. Brazilian women like guys with nicely trimmed, clean nails. You don’t need to go to a salon, but if you do, that would be even better. Getting your nails done used to be just for women and gay men, but now you’ll find even the most macho of Brazilian men do it from time to time.  

Now that you’re dating a Brazilian woman, so, uh…what should we talk about?

Once you are out on a date, what’s a safe topic to break the ice? Brazilian women are open-minded and easy going, especially if they can speak English well. Those who don’t would probably love to learn a bit from you and might ask you a lot of questions. They’ll listen attentively to everything you want to say. There’s an advantage, being a person from a different country: it’s exotic. So, you can pretty much talk about anything until you land on a topic that she seems to be really interested in. You’ll be just fine, because they will help you to carry on the conversation.

When dating a Brazilian woman, don’t worry if you don’t speak Portuguese. For a lot of Brazilian women, an English-speaking man sounds sexy. But you’ll impress them even more if you at least try to pick up a few words. For instance, “Obrigado” means “thank you”, and “Você é linda” means “you are beautiful”. They love to receive compliments, especially in Portuguese. So, learning a few of these basic phrases can go a long way. 

What about physical contact when dating a Brazilian woman for the first time?

Should you touch a Brazilian girl on the first date? That’s a pretty easy one. Like anybody else, it depends on the individual, and how comfortable she is with you. But, usually, they don’t like to be touched much on the first date, unless it’s a very soft touch on the hands, or lightly passing your fingers through her hair.

Physical contact rules when meeting a Brazilian woman for the first time

Brazilian women like romantic guys. But, again, use your discretion and only make contact if you really feel she is comfortable. Sometimes, even if they like you, they like to play hard to get on the first date.  So don’t touch unless you get a strong feeling that she wants to go out on a second date. If she seems receptive, maybe even a bit touchy-feely with you, try for a light kiss.

Cover the bill, guys!

Pay for all the food and drink. Who doesn’t like a gentleman? Brazilian women are all about romance and being treated well. So, if you treat a lady well on the first date, it will go a long way to winning her heart. Put your focus on converting that date into something more long-term if you are truly interested in her.

Look confident, even if you’re not

Brazilian women like masculine men who can handle their energy. Dating a Brazilian woman is an exciting and tantalizing experience. Besides being hot and fun, they are very comfortable with sex and their sexuality. Be self-assured, confident, and assertive. But when it comes to sex, you should go with the flow. Respect is huge in Brazil and women have depth. Chances are, if you two hit it off, you may have sex after a few dates or even on the first date. 

When dating a Brazilian woman, you have to be wholesome

Lastly, despite Brazilian women being hot and fun, again, they have depth. You need to be on the same page in terms of values in order to keep her. The ideal partner is one who cherishes family and knows how to wind down and appreciate life, as well as someone who is chivalrous. Religion is also huge. You don’t have to share her Catholic views, but you must respect her religion. Your confidence, kindness, and understanding are the key to winning her heart.

There you have it. Eight tips for dating a Brazilian woman, from a born and bred Carioca. It goes without saying that every person is different, so your mileage may vary. But these are a great starting point. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there!